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English Speaking fluency class delhi

Fluency Quest

Fluency in language can be attained through consistent practice. Sometimes it takes longer than we anticipate. Keeping this in mind we developed the Programme, Fluency Quest.

Fluency Quest is a lifetime programme, wherein you get unlimited classes through out. So that u can practise the language as much you want and attain mastery on it

Classes are thrice a week with one group Practice session for as long as you want. Fluency Quest helps u attain Mastery over all the aspects of the Language.

Learn to Speak English fluently classes in delhi

What are the Topmost Advantages of Speaking English Fluently?

You all live in a global community filled with diverse cultures and languages. So mostly, you go about your life only speaking with others of your native language. Why not expand your horizons and enroll in an English class in Delhi? When you learn a second language, it exposes you to several new experiences, opportunities, cultures, and friends.

There are roughly 6,500 languages around the globe spoken by billions of people. Why close or restrict yourself off from the remaining part of the world by only sticking with your native language?

If you do not know which language, to begin with, you cannot go wrong with English. Spoken in several countries across the globe, English lets you to communicate with a large number of people.

Whether you are learning a new language at school, college, work, or as a hobby, Café Converse is here to help and guide your decision.

This write up will cover the topmost reasons why learning English will be the best decision you could ever make.

Speak English fluently with Cafe Converse in delhi

Connect with New People

This world is a vast place, with over 7.6 billion people.

And of those, data from Ethnologue, 21st edition, English is amongst the most widely-spoken language in the world with over 1,121 million speakers (native and non-native). Now, that is a lot of new people to meet.

In simple words: English is everywhere.

Learning English as a foreign language will let you communicate with native speakers and ESL (English as a Second language). You will be able to gain a new perspective of the world, improve your ability to communicate and understand yourself and others better.

Spoken English Institute in delhi

The Language of Trade and Business

There is a reason why several people call English the international language of business. Walk into any job interview at a Fortune 500 companies and you will quickly understand the reason.

Almost every large corporate house is rooted in strong English communication skills.

The future of business lies in a global economy, and several employers now need employees to speak English, CNN Business quoted.

The future of business lies in a global economy, and several employers now need employees to speak English, CNN Business quoted.

If you work abroad or wish to travel the world, learning English is a top choice. With several English speakers worldwide, learning the language can help you communicate with locals along the way.

While traveling, it is always wise to brush up on the standard questions, greetings, and phrases in the local language. Doing this, shows respect for the country you are visiting.

Basic knowledge of English is also mandatory to communicate with tourism-related works. Paying for a hotel, ordering at a restaurant, shopping, or asking for directions is a lot easier.

TOEFL Preparation Classes in delhi

Be an Improved Student

Several students around the world study English as a second language. When they do so, it opens up promising academic and career probabilities in the future.

Do you hope to one day attend a prestigious university like Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge, or MIT? Then, being proficient in the native language gives you a competitive edge.

Enhanced Brainpower

Many believe learning a second language improves mental flexibility.

Studies indicate that learning English as a second language could result in many cognitive benefits. Better memory, increased creativity, and complex problem-solving skills, to suggest a few.

Immigration Benefits

If you are not able to speak English as an immigrant, it will put you at a significant loss. Likewise, if you are not fluent in English, it can restrict your job opportunities. It can also lead to social isolation in certain cases.

Why? Because it is very difficult to immerse yourself into a new culture when you cannot speak the native language.

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