Month: February 2023

best spoken english institute in Delhi

Improve Your English Pronunciation with Music: 4 Wonderful Songs

Cafe Converse Delhi’s leading institute for spoken English shares a list of a few English songs that will help you to improve your English pronunciation.

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Cafe Converse Wins the Most Prominent Educational Institutes in India Award 2022-23

Cafe Converse has been recognized as the most prominent educational institution in India for the year 2022-23 by Fame Finders Media

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business english insitute in Delhi Cafeconverse

Easy Ways to Perfect Your Presentation Skills in English

Cafe Converse Delhi’s top institute for learning Business English shares easy ways to perfect presentation skills in English

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spoken english institute in Delhi pitampura cafeconverse

The Significance of Knowing English for Doing Business in India in 2023

Delhi’s leading institute for learning Business English, Cafe Converse shares the importance of English as a language for doing business in India

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Cafe Converse Top Institute for Learning Spoken English

How to Master Customer Communication in English in Indian MNCs

useful tips from Cafe Converse, a top spoken English institute in Delhi to help you communicate effectively with customers.

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