Business Writing: How Important is it for the Indian Job Market?

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If 2021 was the year of ‘The Great Resignation’, fast forward to 2022, the year when India witnessed a surge in job applications. This is because employers were on a hiring spree. This trend is here to continue. Although this is good news for job seekers, on the one hand, employers have a bigger responsibility of matching the right talent with the right roles. In today’s competitive world, in order to stay ahead of others, Indian companies are increasingly adopting a skills-based approach. Effective communication is critical to a company’s success. Whether it’s internal or external communication, good business writing that can clearly communicate what the writer is trying to say is an invaluable skill in today’s time-starved world where business leaders are perpetually on the move.

Business writing that includes official emails, memos, advertisements, press releases, project proposals, application letters, etc. must be able to convey the relevant information effectively, efficiently, and succinctly. Let’s understand the merits of good business writing from Cafe Converse, Delhi’s leading institute for learning business writing in English.

Persuasion – Perhaps the most critical aspect of a business is convincing the client why your idea or product is the right choice for them. This art of persuasion is very effective in business communication. A well-written proposal, newsletter, blog post, or even a simple email has the power to convince people to listen or to act.

When it comes to persuading a customer to use your company’s products or services or persuading business leaders to approve your marketing proposal, effective business writing can capture their attention and make an immediate impact.

Enhances productivity – Clear, coherent, and concise business writing not only saves the time of the reader but also creates a good impression on the client. Offering accurate information, it reduces miscommunication and misunderstanding which saves the company from making costly mistakes thereby increasing productivity.

Brand image – Each brand has a story to tell, and a message to deliver. How well you convey the message to customers is critical. A well-crafted advertisement or product information or any written communication that reflects the brand’s image will not only enhance the brand image but will create a strong first impression on the customer which may last for a long time thereby helping the brand build its reputation in the market.

Win trust and confidence – An email that is carefully crafted, a business proposal that is well written, or a memo that is flawlessly written can do wonders for your company’s reputation. You will win the trust and confidence of your reader thereby establishing loyal relationships.

Keeping records – To maintain accurate records of all written communications, such as emails, proposals, etc., the company will need good business writing skills. 

As is evident from the article that good business writing is a powerful asset to any business.

English teacher coach Sonu Goel

Ms Sonu Goel is a professionally acclaimed certified ESL trainer from British Council having 15 years of strong background for teaching English language in both online and physical classes. She is dedicated to the teaching of English in an interactive and practical way, whereby learners feel enriched with knowledge and experience the language hands-on. She uses creative ideas and aids to let the learning happen as organically and efficiently as possible. Ms Goel has travelled various European countries and experienced an array of cultures and linguistic skills for the English language.

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