Month: January 2022

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Easy Steps to Learn Spoken English Online

Cafe Converse Delhi’s top institute for spoken English shares 4 simple tips that will enhance your online spoken English learning.

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Spoken English Classes in Delhi

Simple Hacks to Speak English Fluently, Shared by Cafe Converse

Do you find it hard to learn fluent English, even after several months of studying? If your answer is yes then this write-up is for you, you will find some tips depending upon your situation.

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Cafe Converse Spoken English Institute

Common Mistakes You Should Avoid While Speaking English

English at times could be weird. If you get something incorrect, it is probably that the individual you are talking to will still understand you and perhaps would not correct you which can make it harder to improve. Ms Sonu Goel, Cafe Converse, Delhi’s top institute for learning spoken English says to avoid these common […]

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Tips to Use Synonyms Effectively for Creative Writing

Why is it essential to use synonyms in your speech and writing? Cafe Converse Delhi’s top institute for learning creative English writing shares tips on using synonyms effectively.

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