How to Build A Good Learning Foundation for English in Your Kids?

Kids love making tall towers. Their goals can be quite tall and at times others are enlisted to finish the project. At a certain point, the simple tower can appear as if coming crashing down. For an unsuspecting kid, the response to the fallen construction is mostly tears and outbursts. But a once demolished construction made out of building blocks can easily be made again.

When it is about your kid’s education, the method of building the tower of success is more delicate and complex. It needs to establish a solid base before adding additional levels of learning. Their future is at stake, and this is not something to play casually with.

One subject that impacts your kid’s educational success is the mastery of the English language. It plays an important role in making them communicate clearly through their academic subject and projects at school as well as for their professional life in the future.

This blog by Ms. Sonu Goel, Founder of Café Converse which offers the most sorted online English classes and tuition for kids, says that each class level also adds an additional detailed explanation so that your kids understand foundational concepts prior to their knowledge in English is increased. Here are some of the important things to keep in mind.

  • Sentences

Sentences are defined as expressing entire thoughts in English. This approach is then used to assist kids to identify and correctly use the parts of speech. By the time your kid enters 6th grade, his command on the English language must allow him to make compound and complex sentences.

  • Nouns

They are probably the simplest part of speech to understand when compared to the others mainly because they relate to what kids are already familiar with, like names, places, and things.

  • Verbs

Verbs follow next. They add another dimension of understanding by displaying action. Other kinds of verbs like helping and linking also get special attention in a different chapter.

  • Pronouns

Pronouns are steadily introduced in English to make sure kids can differentiate between a noun and a pronoun. English class 3 through class 6 includes a separate chapter only for this part of speech.

  • Adjectives

They are explained in English by relating them to the 5 senses—how things appear, smell, sound, taste, and feel. Specific for adjectives are included in later courses.

  • Adverbs

Adverbs come in English where they are compared to adjectives. This pairing of the 2 parts of speech continue the entire way through English.

  • Conjunctions

The role of this part of speech is displayed more thoroughly as your kid learns to write compound sentences.

  • Prepositions

These are introduced in English after the nouns and pronouns are properly defined. They are linked with learning about phrases

English teacher coach Sonu Goel

Ms Sonu Goel is a professionally acclaimed certified ESL trainer from British Council having 15 years of strong background for teaching English language in both online and physical classes. She is dedicated to the teaching of English in an interactive and practical way, whereby learners feel enriched with knowledge and experience the language hands-on. She uses creative ideas and aids to let the learning happen as organically and efficiently as possible. Ms Goel has travelled various European countries and experienced an array of cultures and linguistic skills for the English language.

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